Thanks for all the comments in the $22 movie thread. At first I felt picked on (though I deserved it — I’m the bonehead who spent $14.75 on snacks), but enough repetition has finally beat a point into my head: I don’t need to buy snacks at the movies. Who cares if I’ve done it for 39 years? Just because it’s a life-long habit doesn’t make it right. (“It’s you being lazy and not thinking ahead!” Kris tells me.)

The best suggestion from that discussion is to take that $14.75 I spent for snacks and use it for a decent meal before or after the movie. Duh. So obvious, and yet sometimes it’s the obvious things we cannot see. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

Speaking of better things to do with my money, here are some great personal finance tips from around the web!

At The Simple Dollar, Trent has some ideas on how to safely build your credit history. If you’re careful and do things right, he says, “your insurance rates will be lower and when it comes time for big loans, like your mortgage, you’ll be eligible for good rates.”

That crafty site Etsy recently interviewed a user about how to quit your day job. Nicole’s Etsy shop lillyella has been open for just a few months, but she’s already earning enough to support herself. Like most of us who make the jump, she’s making short-term sacrifices for long-term goals. Frugality is a means to an end!

People are always looking for ways to save on food. Nitsuj at AskMetafilter wants to know: “What’s your secret tip for saving money at the grocery store?” There are some familiar faces here — use a list, pay attention to unit pricing, buy bulk, don’t waste the food you already have — but it never hurts to brush up on your supermarket skills!

Finally, the Mighty Bargain Hunter says there are two things that trump “return on investment”: earning power and frugality. You might be able to squeeze 6% annually from the stock market (though much less under current conditions), but you have greater control over your job and your spending habits, and can use this control to beat the market.

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