Some GRS readers have noted that some of my tips are geared toward country folk, or at least those with a little bit of land. They’d like more information for urban dwellers. I’ll try to offer more such content in the future. For today, here are a couple of recent articles from around the web that touch upon these sorts of themes:

At Wise Bread, Myscha Theriault has a collection of thrifty tips for fast-moving city folks. This a strange hodge-podge of ideas about how to stretch your dollar with downtown living.

At Yahoo! Real Estate, Jack Hough makes the argument that renting makes more financial sense than homeownership. We’ve covered the rent vs. buy question at Get Rich Slowly before, and as the collapse of the U.S. housing bubble has demonstrated, concluded that buying a home makes sense not as an investment, but because you want a nice, permanent place to live where you are the boss.

Robert Powell from MarketWatch says that the current economic turmoil is worrisome. His advice? Don’t panic, but re-evaluate conventional retirement-plan strategies.

I like Ron Lieber’s advice at The New York Times: take control of your own financial risks by re-evaluating your investments, seeking alternate sources of income, consider investing a little more in your mortgage right now (which pays a known rate of return), and making sure your insurance is adequate.

Finally, Nick at Punny Money explores a question I’ve never really thought about before: Is one gasoline brand better than another? His conclusion? “When it comes to gasoline, gas is gas.”

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