Taking my own advice about how to choose a credit card, I recently signed up for an TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express card because I can earn cash back virtually everywhere I go — 3% cash back for gasoline purchases at U.S. gas stations, including at Costco, up to $4,000 per year in purchases (1% thereafter), 2% cash back for purchases at U.S. restaurants, 2% cash back on eligible travel purchases, including at Costco and 1% cash back on other purchases, including Costco. Terms and limitations apply. There’s no annual fee with my paid Costco membership. The TrueEarnings Card serves as both my American Express credit card and my Costco membership card. Cash back is earned only on eligible purchases and my cash back comes in the form of an annual reward coupon. Terms and restrictions apply. If you are considering this offer review the terms and conditions and restrictions that apply to this offer. Based on the features outlined this could very well be categorized as one of the best cash back credit cards.

Those all sound like great perks, but the card also comes with an added “bonus”: an eleven-page card agreement. And these aren’t ordinary pages, either.

Because I’m That Kind of Guy, I counted the number of words per line and the number of lines per column. I then compared these numbers to a couple of books at my desk. This eleven-page card agreement, if printed in book form, would be 63 pages long.


Yet because I believe I should never sign anything without reading it, I will not activate this card until I’ve read — and understood, and agreed to — the entire document.

Sixty-three pages of legalese. Can you imagine how painful this is going to be?

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