Speaking of weddings, Kate F. wrote the other day to share a tip:

I am just starting the wedding planning process and have been really disheartened by the wedding industry and the realization that what to me is a lot to spend ($5000) is literally laughable by most involved in the industry.  I finally came across a blog that I feel fits with my vision of a simple, debt-free wedding: A Practical Wedding.

I’ve never been a big wedding type of guy (Kris and I were married by a justice of the peace in 1993, and then threw a $1000 party for our family and friends), and I love to see brides and grooms flex their frugality muscles and make their wedding unique. Meg at A Practical Wedding is all about “creative, thrifty, and sane” celebrations of love. Meg writes:

Why is every level of wedding planning fraught with so much judgment (perceived or real) and so much guilt? As a bride, there are days that I simultaneously feel guilty for not inviting more people to the wedding and not inviting less people to the wedding, for not spending more on my dress and for not spending less on my dress. The wedding world often leaves us between a rock and a hard place, feeling alone, and searching for options.

I started writing this blog to help myself feel less alone in the wedding planning process, and as it has grown, the best thing that has come out of it is watching a small community emerge of practical brides and grooms holding hands a bit for balance as they try to find their own way. So lets all keep holding hands, and remember, the grass is not actually greener at someone else’s wedding.

A Practical Wedding includes advice for budgeting, including “the best budget tip I know”. The site also features mediations on things like wedding sexism and how dumb it is to focus on details at the expense of the Big Picture. It even offers wedding-dress hacks!

My favorite section, however, is devoted to real weddings, examples of how real couples have thrown thrifty weddings. Some examples:

It is unlikely that you will ever hear me utter these words again about a wedding-related site, but I could read A Practical Wedding for hours.