What do we picture when we think about poverty? What stereotypes do we have about what poverty looks like? What do they mask from us? What do they keep us from seeing?

While putting together my two main posts for Blog Action Day, I came across a number of arresting photographs depicting poverty around the world. It became clear to me that poverty takes many forms — poverty has many faces. These are a few of them.

Each of these photos is from Flickr, and has been tagged by the photographer as depicting “poor” or “poverty” or “homeless”. Click an image to learn more about it.

Tijuana, Mexico (photo by TJ Scenes)

Mumbai, India (photo by Babasteve)

Angkor, Cambodia (photo by Youngsixta)

Kirovsky, Russia (photo by kr4gin)

Madrid, Spain (photo by Kindgott)

China (photo by Jonny Keelty)

Mangua, Nicaragua (photo by Vintage Chica)

Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. (photo by J.D. Roth)

Moramnanga, Madagascar (photo by Jonathan Talbot, World Resources Institute)

Colombo, Sri Lanka (photo by Gerry Popplestone)

Nairobi, Kenya (photo by Angela7Dreams)

Tonghua, China (photo by Rivard)

Amman, Jordan (photo by Alazaat)

Tokyo, Japan (photo by ThisParticularGreg)

Calcutta, India (photo by Rita Banerji)

Tel-Aviv, Israel (photo by Nicasaurusrex)

Kabul, Afghanistan (photo by Afghan LORD)

Titicachi, Bolivia (photo by Johannes Roith)

Cork City, Ireland (photo by Dogfrog)

Sydney, Australia (photo by Charlie Brewer)

Today is Blog Action Day. The topic this year is poverty. This is the third of three posts about the subject today at Get Rich Slowly.