Since drastically curtailing our cable television, Kris and I have been catching shows via Netflix and the iTunes Music Store. We currently watch Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, and The Office. What one show should we add to the mix? I’d prefer a comedy, but Kris would prefer a drama.

Meanwhile, here are a few stories about personal finance:

To begin, two recent guest posts at Money-Saving Mom caught my eye. First, Katey offers advice on living frugally and pleasantly in an apartment. A couple of these (trash out every day?) seem odd, but most are smart ways to make the most of a small space. Second, Michelle has some tips on how to make your own household cleaners.

Next, Paul sent an article from The New York times about how the economic woes of their parents are affecting teenagers. This story makes me feel out of touch. “National surveys put older teenagers’ average monthly allowance at $100 and upward.” Really? Really? I was lucky to ever get five bucks. And the stuff kids want, their knowledge of brands and prices — wow, was I like that when I was in high school?

Finally, via Jeff, The Wall Street Journal has four smart money moves for a down economy. Three of these seem obvious — create a budget, eliminate debt, boost your credit score — but the fourth is more subtle, and is a great idea: convert your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. When you perform this conversion, you owe income tax on every dollar you roll over. Because of recent market declines, you probably have fewer dollars to roll over, and thus would owe less in taxes. If you qualify, this may be worth considering.

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