Hey, Portlanders! On Saturday, November 15th, I’ll be speaking at Multnomah County’s central library, discussing personal finance and blogging as part of the “Writers Talking” series. I’d love to see you there. As I prepare my presentation, let me know if there are specific topics you’d like me to cover.

In the meantime, here are some interesting personal finance stories from around the web:

Somehow I managed to stumble upon an eight-year-old Epinions article about how to purchase a mattress. This piece (from an ex-mattress salesperson) offers tips for determining quality, explains why the same mattress has different names at different stores, and more. I’ve bookmarked this because we may need to replace our mattress in a couple years.

Last Thursday, The New York Times published editorial from Warren Buffett in which he talks about the personal financial investments he’s been making lately (as opposed to the moves he’s made with his company, Berkshire Hathaway). Buffett used to own 100% U.S. government bonds. Now he’s buying stock in American companies. “If prices keep looking attractive, my non-Berkshire net worth will soon be 100 percent in United States equities.”

The Blogging Scholarship is back. CollegeScholarships.org is offer one $10,000 scholarship to a college student who blogs. If you’re a blogger (or know a college student who is), be sure to apply for this opportunity by October 30th.

Finally, Mark at Soul Shelter has posted a defense of aimless learning (which can also be though of as “life-long learning”). “I came to believe that knowledge and culture could be found all around me at relatively little or no monetary cost (primarily through libraries, conversation, and travel), whereas a full and formal college education was sure to set me on a lifelong path of debt.” Great stuff.

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