Consumer Reports is the best money magazine in the U.S., but most of its web-based content is behind a paywall (even for magazine subscribers!). Fortunately, the site offers seven blogs that allow you to keep tabs on some of the organization’s findings for free. Today, one of those blogs — the CR Money & Shopping blog — is starting a new feature called Tightwad Tod.

Tod Marks is a senior editor at Consumer Reports, where he’s been providing money-saving tips for 17 years. He specializes in the retailing sector, writing about products and services ranging from olive oil to online drug stores. Tightwad Tod will provide daily deals, tips, and consumer alerts.

Here’s an excerpt from Tightwad Tod’s first post:

Unless you’re richer than Warren Buffett or have been living in a cave for the past six months, you know that times are tough and getting tougher. Saving money is probably a top priority around your house these days, just as it is at mine.

So to help you do that, we’re kicking off a new feature on the Money Blog today. It’s called “Tightwad Tod,” and will be written — mostly — by me, Tod Marks, for whom the section is named.

Now odds are you don’t know me — we write without bylines at Consumer Reports, after all — but for nearly 20 years I’ve been finding the deals and exposing the scams in every area of your spending, from food to clothes to travel to real estate and more. And that nickname “Tightwad” didn’t come loosely. Even around here, where the place is crawling with deal-finders, I’m known as someone to go to for advice on how to get more for your money every time you shop.

With the launch of Tightwad Tod, we’re kicking that mission into overdrive. Every day, I’ll be posting on the news that affects your pocketbook, sniffing around for great buys, challenging offers that sound too good to be true, and heaping shame on the scams and ripoff artists that abound out there…So I hope you’ll join me in spreading the Tightwad message. Remember: Being a Tightwad doesn’t mean you’re a cheapskate.

There is always room for another tightwad on the web, and I’m pleased to welcome Tod to the mix. He’ll become a part of my daily reading.

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I’ve subscribed to both the Home & Garden Blog and the Money Blog for several months, and find they’re filled with great information.

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