Spendster is a new site that allows users to share video stories about impulse buying, over-spending, and wasting money on Stuff they don’t need. These video confessionals are fun to watch (I would never buy that) until you realize just how much junk you probably have in your own life. This embedded widget should show you one such story:

According to the site, “a spendster is someone who in a moment of weakness buys something they think they really need and realize later they made a bad choice.” In other words, a person like me. I haven’t uploaded a video of my own, but that’s only because Kris and I have spent the past year purging most of the stupid crap we’ve bought. (Fortunately, I’m not as much of a spendster as I used to be!)

Spendster is sponsored by the National Endowment for Financial Education, and is a great way to educate consumers on the dangers of compulsive spending. These confessionals are a clever idea, but perhaps because it’s new, the site’s content is sparse right now. I hope that it will grow more robust in the future (like another great NEFE site, Smart About Money). I’d love to see more video examples of stuff that I would never buy…

[via DINKs Finance, a site I should mention more often]

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