I’m beginning to get e-mail complaining about various political ads on this site. These ads are being served automatically by Google and do not necessarily reflect my beliefs or the beliefs of this blog. In fact, I have no control over them. I could block individual ads, but that requires about 24 hours to take effect. I could remove all ads for the next day, but that seems silly. Instead, I ask that you just bear with me until the election is over.

If you’ve read GRS for a while, you know that I generally steer clear of religion and politics. You know that I’ve never espoused a political agenda, and can probably figure out that I wouldn’t start now. Like anyone, I have political opinions, but I save those for my personal blog, and intentionally keep GRS agnostic.

For the future, please note that Google ads on a web site do not necessarily reflect the opinions of a site’s owner. The best response to an ad you find objectionable is not to accuse the site owner of some political bias, but to capture the ad’s destination URL and send it in an e-mail so that he can block it, if necessary.

Here’s more about my fight against inappropriate ads.

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