No personal finance links tonight! I need to take care of some housekeeping before we move on to talk more about money management.

Television appearances
For those of you in the Portland area, I’ll be making a couple of television appearances this week. First up is a series of segments on KPTV (channel 12) from Shauna Parsons. Here’s her preview:

The first piece will air tonight on the 5pm on Fox 12, (and then I’m sure we’ll re-use it in other subsequent newscasts… we always do). Tonight’s piece will be a bit longer, to introduce people to you. Then we will run shorter pieces everyday this week, with your tips.

Update: And here’s the story (which makes me wince to watch myself).

On Wednesday evening, I’m scheduled to appear on KGW (channel 8 ) for their “Live at 7″ program. That discussion will cover frugal Christmas ideas.

It’s challenging for me to speak to groups or to do television interviews. Writing is natural for me. These other things are not. But I look at these as opportunities to build confidence and destroy fear. They’re examples of how I put the power of “yes” into action.

If you’re new to Get Rich Slowly — from these television interviews or any other source — be sure to read the background information that explains my philosophy and provides links to many of the best articles from the past.

Free stuff
As promised in yesterday’s post about how to blog, I’ve randomly selected four commenters to receive a copy of Stephane Grenier’s new book, Blog Blazers. The winners are:

  • Commenter 28 (Loren)
  • Commenter 50 (Carol M)
  • Commenter 80 (Matthew)
  • Commenter 86 (Steve)

I’ll be contacting each winner via e-mail to arrange shipping.

Speaking of free stuff: I have a pile of personal finance books, binders, and Bacon Salt that I’ve accumulated over the past few months. I’d love to give this stuff away — it’s cluttering the floor of my office — but haven’t hit upon the right way to do it. Any suggestions?

Guest posts wanted
I’m looking for quality guest posts. Ideal guest posts have not yet been published elsewhere, cover personal finance topics from an interesting angle, and are well written. I’m becoming choosier about the posts I run. I don’t have time to edit guest submissions like I used to. If your submission will require too much work to prepare for publication, I will send it back to you. Be interesting. Be concise. Write well.

I’m particularly interested in submissions from those of you who might not have a blog, but who have something interesting to share about money management. If you’re interested, drop me a line.

Facebook sharing?
Finally, I’m still getting the hang of this Facebook stuff. It makes me feel like an old man. I’ve created a Get Rich Slowly page and a Get Rich Slowly blog network. Now what do I do with them? A couple of readers have asked to be able to share GRS stories on Facebook, but I’m not exactly sure what they mean. Can anyone explain? Help this former tech geek not feel like he’s not being left behind!

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