Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing a series of guest posts, as well as some updated favorites from the past. I’ll be back on Monday with lots of new articles about smart personal finance (and , I hope, a guest appearance from one of my favorite videobloggers — confirmed!).

As we head into the holiday weekend, here are some assorted links from around the web. Because I’ve found a lot of interesting stuff lately, I’m going to share the first few links as simple bullet points, followed by two stories worthy of special mention.

Priscilla forwarded a story from ABC News that describes how going-out-of-business sales are not such a bargain. Those great deals you think you’re getting? They’re not great deals.

One example: We saw a Samsung HDTV that was only available as an open box item at the liquidation store and cost $1,799 with all sales final. But at Circuit City’s regular stores it was available for $1,599 brand new — $200 less, plus we could return it.

I didn’t used to believe this stuff until I had a conversation with a friend whose family used to own a large department store in a major U.S. city. He described the liquidation process, and it’s just as jaw-dropping as this report suggests. Yes, you can find good deals at these sales, but don’t assume they’re all good deals.

Finally, one of my mantras is: “Money is more about mind than it is about math.” Ron at The Wisdom Journal believes this doesn’t go far enough. He writes that money is 100% emotional. “Mastering your money means facing your fears, overcoming them, and then taking concrete steps to redefine how you look at and relate with money.” Great stuff.

Happy thanksgiving, everyone!