Thanks to your fellow Get Rich Slowly readers, I’ve amassed enough guest posts to take a short break. For the next two weeks, I will be posting articles from other writers. I’ll still be around, working behind the scenes (and posting occasionally), but most of my attention will be focused on crafting a book proposal. And I’ll be back full-time in 2009 with lots of great articles about investing, debt reduction, and smart personal finance.

Before I slip into the background, however, here are few recent articles from around the web:

Portland experienced a rare winter storm over the weekend — and there may be another on the way. Like most Oregonians, I’m not adept at handling this weather. Kris and I are especially worried about the plumbing in our hundred-year-old house. At The Simple Dollar, Trent recently offered some advice on fighting a frugal battle against ice and snow. I love his tip about placing a sheet over your car windshield. (Too bad I’m just going to forget it!)

For the past two years, Eden at Finance and Fat has practiced a cash-only Christmas. But it takes planning, and the time to start thinking about next year is now. He has some tips to help prepare for Christmas 2009.

Do you have money to invest, but don’t know what to do with it? USA Today has put together a list of suggestions and predictions. First, the list their nine money-makers for 2009. I’ll admit that some of these sound interesting. Next, the paper asked professional investors to make predictions for the coming year. (Before you get too excited, notice that their predictions for last year were no better than average.)

Finally, congratulation to Flexo at Consumerism Commentary. He’s now debt-free!. I’ve been free of consumer debt for just over a year. It’s a fantastic feeling. Now to peck away at that mortgage…

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