I think that maybe I finally have this Twitter thing figured out. Though I’ve had an account for a while, I’ve never really known what to do with it. Over the past few days, it’s beginning to make sense. I’ll use it as a sort of “behind the scenes at GRS” thing where I offer:

  1. Interesting links that I don’t have room to blog about.
  2. Questions and polls about financial topics.
  3. Brief glimpses into how the site runs.

And, because it’s also my personal account, there’ll be an occasional “my cats are so darn cute” tweet. I’m a low-volume tweeter (maybe 10-15 a week), so I’m not likely to overwhelm you. If you’re interested, feel free to follow along. (You may also be want to join the Get Rich Slowly page on Facebook.)

Meanwhile, here are a few recent articles about money:

While digging through the archives at Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist, I came upon her advice on how to answer the toughest job-interview question: “What’s your salary range?” She says that the best response is always some variation of “I’m not telling you” and then gives some tactful ways let the other side make the first move.

Elsewhere, the Freakonomics blog recently wrote about the fiendish genius of credit-card minimum payments. The minimum monthly payment can be a useful guide for cardholders, the article says, but it’s a much better deal for the credit-card company. “The monthly minimum acts as a mental anchor, exerting an enormous amount of influence on how quickly that debt gets paid. [Research] found that as suggested minimums drop, actual payments fall right along with them, even among people who pay above that bottom limit.”

Finally, I know there’s still a month before Valentine’s Day, but I think Abby at I Pick Up Pennies has a great romantic (and frugal) tip for couples: read aloud to each other. When Kris and I were dating, one of my favorite things was when she read to me. (I wish she’d do it now!)

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