It’s been a rough week for me. The death of my friend Sparky has dominated my thoughts and actions. It’s been good to spend time with his friends and family, though, and to see how much he affected those around him. There’s another memorial service for Sparky next week, so much of my time will be spent preparing for that, as well as taking care of other important things I’ve neglected (completing a book chapter, refinancing the house, etc). Get Rich Slowly will continue to feature guest posts for at least a few days more. Than you for your patience.

In happier news, today marks 20 years that Kris and I have been together. (We were married in August 1993, but we celebrate today as our actual anniversary.) Kris is a wonderful wife, a savvy partner, and my best friend. I’m grateful to have her in my life. In short: She rocks!

Enough with the soap opera stuff, eh? What you really come here for are stories about personal finance — stories like these:

At All Financial Matters, JLP asked one of his readers to write a guest post on how she saves money. She obliged, and Stacey’s guide to saving money is the result. In this first part, she shares her tips for clipping coupons.

In an older article at Wise Bread, Philip Brewer writes that you can obtain huge tax-free investment returns by “buying in bulk and stocking up during sales”. He runs the math to prove his point, then looks at the non-monetary advantages and disadvantages of stockpiling food. (Thanks to Trent at The Simple Dollar for highlighting this article. Trent published a related article about his own pantry today.)

Lynnae at Being Frugal has produced a quick video showing how to make a frugal mocha. “The costs of mochas from the coffee shop can add up quickly. So now I make my own at home.” This could help some of you addicts save a little money!

Finally, at one time I was planning a deluxe post about shopping for a used car. That’s on the back-burner now, but I do want to pass along this great article from Consumer Reports on How to spot a lemon. As a fellow who has had a hand in buying two crappy used cars, I have this page bookmarked for future use.

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