While I’ve been coping with the recent drama in my personal life, Get Rich Slowly has quietly posted its best month ever. Roughly 850,000 visitors have dropped by to learn about personal finance. A quick calculation shows that I’ll finish the month with nearly 950,000 visitors.

So close to one million! And yet so far…

This leads me to a rare instance of shameless self-promotion. Many of you have asked what you can do to support this site. “Don’t click on the ads!” I always reply. “Instead, tell your friends. And link to your favorite articles.”

Note: Never click on the ads just to support a site you like. It actually does more harm than good. Only click on ads that genuinely interest you.

If you’d like to help me reach a million visits this month, please spread the word about Get Rich Slowly. If you have a blog or a Twitter account, link to your favorite posts. Link to articles about frugality or about investing or about gardening — I don’t care. Just link! Here are a few articles I’m particularly proud of:

With your help, Get Rich Slowly just might see one million visitors in January. And then I won’t have to indulge in self-promotion until 2010…I hope.

One final note: I should be back here full-strength starting Friday! Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

Update: I usually frown on people being self-promotional in the comments. Not today. Fair is fair, right? If I can do it, you can do it. In this thread, feel free to link to your site, and to describe what it’s about. I’m still going to put the kibosh on anything I consider spam (don’t link to your payday loan site!), but if you have a blog you want to share with GRS readers, post it here!

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