Normally when I share link roundups, I write something interesting or pithy in the opening. I have nothing interesting or pithy to say today. I’m still in the midst of my flood of work, and won’t be able to come up for breath until Friday. My brain is numb. So, let’s just jump straight to the links!

Jonathan at Master Your Card has scathing piece on what the banks are doing with our money. Want to know what the banks are doing with the $700 billion bailout? “Our money is being used to make the banking industry even less competitive than it already is, and create a whole new bunch of unprofitable, incompetent businesses that are ‘too big to fail’.” Well said.

USA Today writes that as consumers get frugal, retailers get creative. I confess: I love news stories about how frugality has gone mainstream. If only I believed them. I do think there’s increasing awareness of the virtues of thrift, but I’m not convinced the country is going to change its mentality overnight.

I keep meaning to write an article about this piece from Morningstar, but it’s time to admit it’s never going to happen. Sue Stevens offers an inside look at Jack Bogle’s portfolio. Bogle is the founder of Vanguard, and the man who popularized index funds. Would you be surprised to learn that 24% of his investment portfolio is in actively-managed funds?

Finally, Five Cent Nickel offers a look at some commonly overlooked income-tax deductions. Before you file, don’t forget to claim what’s yours!

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