I’ve been on a productive tear lately. I’ve banked a lot of future Get Rich Slowly posts, but still have more in me. As a result, I’m starting to share guest posts with other sites, something I haven’t done for a while. First up: 10 essential money skills for a bad economy over at Zen Habits.

Elsewhere around the web, these stories have caught my eye:

Andrew B. just sent me a link to a free PDF from Dave Ramsey’s site. This report makes the argument for why you should keep investing. This isn’t something Ramsey created, and it’s not something that he’s trying to sell. It’s just a free report that shares the “wisdom of great investors”.

Elsewhere, Charlie at Pay Less for Food argues that you can save money eating out by going ethnic. This is something that GRS readers have been preaching for years, and I agree. Just the other night, Kris and I had a typical American meal at a local restaurant (fish and chips, chicken fried steak). Nothing fancy. I was shocked at the $40 check. Yikes! If we’d gone out instead to my favorite cheap taco place, we would have been just as happy and spent only $10. Ethnic isn’t always cheaper, of course, but it’s a fun way to explore new food and keep your costs low when dining out.

Finally, USA Today notes that bartering booms during tough economic times. According to the article, postings in the Craigslist bartering section have doubled in the past year. When my family experienced rocky financial straights in the early 80s, we traded a parrot to the barber for 100 haircuts. More recently, Kris and I have bartered for stuff around the house.

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