My guest-post marathon continues! During my recent prolific streak, I churned out a bunch of articles for other sites. These stories have been appearing over the past two weeks, and another one went up today. The Art of Manliness has posted my list of great lessons from great men. Though this article isn’t about personal finance, I’m quite pleased with it.

Meanwhile, here are a few other financial stories from around the web:

At Gen X Finance, Jeremy covers a topic I’ve been meaning to explore since I started GRS. He urges readers to invest in your most valuable asset: invest in yourself. “Investing in yourself can yield returns far greater than any other investment,” he writes, and I agree. Jeremy says that you should invest in your health, invest in your personal self, and invest in your professional self. Self-improvement is a very real part of personal finance. This is a great article, but I still hope to offer my own take on this subject sometime in the future. (Also great at Gen X Finance: It feels like I’m just throwing money away, so why should I keep investing?)

Yahoo! News has an Associated Press article that asks the question, “When the economy bottoms out, how will we know?” “The Associated Press examined three markets — housing, jobs and stocks — and asked experts where things stand and how to know when they’ve hit bottom. None of them expects it to come anytime soon.” For me, the important bit is that many experts think the stock market will hit bottom sometime this summer.

Finally, while doing research for future articles, I found a spending plan worksheet [15k PDF] at Rutgers University. This is a part of their personal finance section, which includes financial spreadsheets, calculators, printouts, a financial fitness calendar, and more. It even includes a home-study course about investing.

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