While researching for our upcoming home repairs, I stumbled upon an article over at This Old House. Josh Garskof has put together a list of 50 nifty tricks for big do-it-yourself savings. What sort of nifty tricks? Tricks like these:

Close closet doors to lower the square footage you’re heating (and cooling). Shuttering closets along exterior walls also helps to insulate the house.

Get gently used tools, electronics, and furniture from Freecycle, an online community of folks who swap what they no longer need for stuff they can’t do without.

Appeal your property tax assessment yourself. One in three homeowners who do so are successful in getting their fees reduced, according to the National Taxpayers Union.

Get a free tree. Many municipalities gladly provide and plant ornamental trees in the swath of grass between the sidewalk in front of your house and the street.

Actually, if you own an “antique” home like we do (and even if you don’t), the entire This Old House website is a great resource. Where else can you learn how to build a table from stair parts?

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