Last month, I was a guest on Frugal Coast2Coast [listen here], a BlogTalkRadio program. I enjoyed chatting with Jenn and Lynnae, so when Jim from Bargaineering suggested that he and I team up to try a show of our own, I said, “Sure!”

We’ll record the first episode of The Personal Finance Hour this coming Monday at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern). Please join us! We want the show to be as interactive as possible; this gives you the opportunity to talk with us nearly face-to-face. There are two ways to listen:

The online feed will be slightly delayed, but the telephone audio will be live. Also, the show will be archived so that you can listen after it’s over. Jim and I intend to do this every Monday — possibly with guests! — and we hope you’ll join us. (Please be patient as we get the kinks out during the first week…)

Meanwhile, here are some personal stories from around the web:

First up, here’s an older article from Smart Money about the best time to buy everything. When should you buy airline tickets? On a Wednesday, about three weeks before your flight. Appliances? On a holiday weekend. Vehicles? Weekday mornings in September. Wine? Early fall. For the reasons, and for advice on many other purchases, check out the full article.

Jeremy at Gen X Finance has been on a roll recently. His latest post lists 20 free online finance courses. This is a list of money classes that you can take from the comfort of your own home, and includes subjects like economics, personal financial planning, investments (at MIT), and behavioral finance. Great stuff.

Finally, a couple of readers sent me this story: Some people have the misconception that the web is an easy place to strike it rich. It’s not. It can be an excellent way to make money, but just like anything else, it takes work. It takes lots of work if you want to make your living from it. Over at Ask Shane, there’s a new article about how to sell a website for a million dollars. I don’t have the experience that Shane does, but from what I know of the subject, this is sound advice. Also, the articles linked from the story are informative.

Bonus! While killing time before dinner just now, I found scenes from the recession, the latest installment at The Boston Globe‘s Big Picture blog. This page features 35 photos from the global economic crisis.

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