It’s been a while since I highlighted an individual reader comment, but I wanted to draw attention to some advice that Kenny left for Sara in Friday’s “ask the readers”. You’ll recall that 24-year-old Sara feels overwhelmed because although she’s making the “right” decisions, she doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. Here is Kenny’s response, reproduced verbatim. (Well, I’ve done some formatting, but the text is completely Kenny’s.)

I have the BEST answer for you since I have been there, done that, and now at a different (but better place).

I have done everything you are saying in your bulleted list above.

I have done a bit less (you can say), but lived in a very ‘controlled’ (read it as non-impulsive) environment by using self-control and discipline since I wanted to make it big.


Here is why:

  1. Have saved money every penny at a time, but yet enjoyed what I wanted and lived a good 20 years years from the days of my college.
  2. I maximized on using company events to save money.
  3. I traveled with company folks instead of using my car.
  4. I jumped jobs and got ‘overtime pay’ and volunteered for any jobs that would give me overtime.
  5. By doing overtime, I did not have time to spend.
  6. I saved in the highest yielding Money Market accounts.
  7. I got credit cards, used their money for 30-45 days, NEVER paid $1 in interest EVER, and paid off at end of month (still do the same).
  8. I used ALL promotions, free gifts, free money offers as I could, going out of my way to do it.
  9. I have opened and closed 25 credit cards in 10 years, and 8 bank accounts in 11 years.  Each of them offered free Digital Camera, Free iPod Shuffle, Free GPS, Free $25 or $50 or $100 or $125 etc.  You get the picture.
  10. Got 2 for 1 coupons.  Sold stuff on eBay (total sales approx $500-$600).
  11. Joined ‘recycling groups’ all over the US.
  12. Bought stuff online, after intensely doing comparison shopping (late nights).
  13. Always negotiated my way for every purchase that was more than $50.
  14. Did Dollar-Cost Averaging into 401(k) and non-tax-deferred accounts, and sold with some profits every 2-3 years.
  15. Took a financial hit in 2000-2002.  Taking another financial hit in 2008-2010. But, will be patient and wait it out.
  16. Sold house by myself in 2003 (FSBOwner) and saved $14500 and got $5000 more on the house than what the real-estate agent promised to list for.
  17. Using a car that I bought in 1992, and still using it.  Using a van that I bought in 1996 and still using it.  Bought a Lexus from Dealer auction (contacts) for cash in 2005.  And, work from home 1-2 days a week to save on mileage, clothes, etc
  18. Teaching kids to drink water from 1992 until now at restaurants.  It used to be sacrifice, and now its ‘cool’ to do so!!!!!!
  19. Will bring home food from restaurant to not do impulse buying (2 out of 5 times).  It is good to be served every so often.  BUT, will rarely go to restaurants where I do not have an online coupon or a deal.
  20. Will always have parties at home with people bringing appetizers and dessert, with us cooking the main meal at home.  No buying wonderfully decorated plates from grocery stores.
  21. Buy everything in bulk as much as possible…..Walgreens had Dr Pepper, Fanta, 7-Up bottles for $0.50 with a buy 1 get one free.  Loaded it up for 2 years by buying 30 bottles (2 liter).  Who gives 2 liter for 25c each.
  22. Just today I found General Mills Chex-Chocolate Cereal for $0.99 with a 50c coupon.  It is 14.5oz box, and therefore loaded up by buying 6 boxes.

It takes a LIFETIME of doing the right thing, but this is NOT WORK and should not be EXHAUSTING, since this is called ‘SAVINGS’ and you will eventually get a KICK out of it.

Bottom-line is ‘Not what I did’…..’Not I much I saved’……But, WHAT DID I KEEP IN MY BANK!!!!!!!!!!

I can say that even though my ways are aggressive, parallel Japanese/Chinese/Indian ways of saving-first, they all lead to one conclusion: Am I a Millionaire with my own efforts.

YES…..Multi-Millionaire coming from an environment where at age 21, I had $3000 in my bank account given to me by my Dad as a ‘starting point’, and living in an apartment.

I am NOT a show-off (can’t be with a 17 year car that I drive), and I am NOT showing off here.  I am just sharing the fact, that:

Where there is a Will There is a Way.
If you Work Hard and Sacrifice, You Achieve
Don’t lets the Joneses stop you EVER
Do what is Right For YOU & YOUR Family

Good luck……No offense to anyone, since I am just doing what I think is right for me based on my experiences, background and culture.  This is just an open share, SINCE, you asked!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Get Rich Slowly readers rock. I love to hear your stories, and I love the way that each of you is willing to share what you’ve learned with others. I truly believe that the value of this site comes from the supportive community that has developed here. Keep on sharing!

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