Join us this afternoon for the premier episode of The Personal Finance Hour, a BlogTalkRadio program all about personal finance. I’ll be co-hosting the show with Jim from Bargaineering at 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern).

During the first episode, Jim and I will provide a brief introduction to our personal histories and our financial evolution. We also hope to discuss the “stages” of personal finance. We encourage you to call with your comments or questions. Otherwise Jim and I will be very lonely.

There are three ways to hear the show. You can listen through an audio feed at the show page, or you can dial the call-in number at (347) 327-9144. You can also listen through this widget (which I believe will hold the archived show once we’ve completed it):

The online feeds will be slightly delayed, but the telephone audio will be live.

Added fun! The show page will feature a live chatroom while we’re broadcasting, so that you can ask questions and leave comments in real-time. (You’ll also be able to mock me as I attempt to multi-task. As Kris can tell you, this isn’t something I’m good at.)

Jim and I intend to do this every Monday — possibly with guests! — and we hope you’ll join us. We think this will be a fun way to connect with readers and to help everyone learn more about money management. But please be patient as we get the kinks worked out. Remember: we’ve never done this before!

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