Too many open browser tabs! I’ve found a lot of good stuff lately, and I can’t devote full blog posts to all of it. All the same, I have to close some of these tabs. Here then are a few of the most interesting articles I’ve been collecting on my computer:

Over at Yahoo! Green, Lori Bongiorno has an article about how to find free stuff. “Obviously, seeking out free stuff is great for your budget, but it can also be good for the planet,” she says, linking to over 20 different web sites that let you get something for nothing.

Meanwhile, EcoSalon has a list of 20 fun things to do without spending a dime, including gardening, stargazing, exercising — and sex! This is a great resource for the next time you’re feeling bored.

Erica has some advice on how to negotiate your phone and cable bills to save thousands of dollars. While “thousands of dollars” probably seems like hyperbole to most of us, her step-by-step tips are a great guide to asking for rate reductions.

Finally, here’s another article from Yahoo! Green (which I’d never heard of before today): Jeff Yeager, the ultimate cheapskate, has an easy way to cut your food bill 25%: waste less. This may sound stupid, but from my experience, Yeager’s on the money: “According to government sources, roughly 25% of the food Americans buy goes to waste. That’s about one pound of food, per American, per day.” Yeager has some tips on how to reduce this problem — and save some money.

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