I’m commandeering the “ask the readers” slot this week to recruit your help. It’s time to plan which topics to cover during Financial Literacy Month!

How much do you know about money?

Have you learned about the power of compounding? Do you know how the stock market works? What is a bond? Can you tell the difference between an Income Statement, a Balance Sheet, and a Cash Flow Statement? Do you even know why you would want to?

Do you know how to keep a budget? Do you understand how your taxes are used and why we pay them? Do you know what it takes to purchase a house? How much insurance do you need? What’s an index fund, and how do you purchase one?

Financial Literacy Month begins next Wednesday. Every April, Get Rich Slowly focuses on the fundamentals of personal finance. This is an opportunity to get back to basics, and I’m looking forward to it! There are some great guest posts lined up this year, but I’d also like to do some research and writing on basic topics that appeal to you.

Are there subjects that you’d like me to write about in greater depth next month? Is there a financial term that you find confusing? Have you ever wondered how bonds work? What fundamental personal-finance concepts would you especially like Get Rich Slowly to explore in April?

I won’t be able to respond to every reader suggestion, but I’ll certainly tackle those that get the most requests.

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