One of the fun things about writing a blog is getting to know readers a little better, and them getting to know me. One reader recently gave me a Mini Cooper — a remote-control model Mini Cooper, that is. Others have sent me bacon-flavored stuff. Many have pointed me to comic-book/personal-finance crossovers.

Last weekend, Robert M. forwarded another little something for me to enjoy:

While looking through some old newspapers I found an interesting bank ad I thought you might be interested in. It’s an ad from The Caddo Herald (Caddo, OK) in 1911.

Here’s the newspaper ad:

I love it: “The lean dog of despair never follows a man with a bank account.” This is a great ad. And here’s a little ad from elsewhere on the page:

Robert’s right: I love this sort of thing. I’m a big fan of vintage American pop culture, especially as it relates to money and self-improvement. (I have a small library of self-help books from the early 1900s.) I’ve shared similar bits here at Get Rich Slowly in the past:

If I ever get the time, I plan to turn Vintage Pop from a dead blog with one subscriber into a hopping place that highlights this stuff every day.

If you ever uncover old ads and articles about money, feel free to pass them along. Those from before 1925 are especially keen because there are no copyright issues involved in sharing them here.

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