Although I thought July was a great month at GRS, I liked August even better. First, we had some terrific articles from the Staff Writer candidates. While they were sharing their thoughts, I was able to spend time digging deep into some subjects myself. There weren’t a lot of “how-to” posts this month, but we had some excellent discussions.

Speaking of Staff Writers: Please welcome April and Baker aboard as official contributors at Get Rich Slowly. This was a tough choice to make. All of the candidates were great — and I hope that they’ll each contribute guest posts from time-to-time.

April and Baker will each contribute one article per week, which will allow me to free valuable time as I begin to work on my first book. (I “met” my editor on Friday, by the way.) I believe they both have a lot to offer GRS readers, and I’m glad to have them on staff. Rumor has it that Karawynn may provide regular guest posts, as well.

Before we move into September, however, here are some of my favorite articles from August:

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