At long last, I’m officially finished with Your Money: The Missing Manual. No more writing. No more editing. No more nothing. The book is in my publisher’s hands, and they’re sending it to press on the 26th. It’ll be in stores sometime in March, but you can pre-order it now.

Now that I’ve completed this Herculean task, it’s time for a break. Though perhaps I should have saved my advance against royalties for something smart, Kris and I are going to use it to take a short vacation instead. We’re going to spend a week in Belize: exploring jungle ruins, canoeing through caves, and photographing exotic birds. (Exotic to us, anyhow.) We have a house-sitter to guard our home, and I have a blog-sitter to guard Get Rich Slowly.

I’ll be back on March 1st, rested and ready to tackle personal finance anew! In the meantime, here are a few loose ends:

I always wanted to be in comics!
The folks at Credit Card Daily have turned my whining about the book project into a comic that my friends and I think is hilarious. Seriously: I laugh every time I read this. It’s not 100% accurate (my editor is nice, and I’m lucky to have her), but it does a good job of capturing my frenzied state over the past five months. I think the artist did a darn fine job on this considering we never even discussed anything. (I think he used reference photos from the site to draw the comic.)

This is just an excerpt. Click through to see the entire comic.

All the same, there are a handful of tiny “mistakes” that only stand out if you really know me. My brother found all but one — how many can you find?

The art of manliness
I don’t think I mentioned this yet, but I was a guest on The Art of Manliness podcast earlier this month. I spoke with Brett about conquering debt, inspiring personal finance books, and financial problems faced by men.

(Brett was once an active commenter around here before his blog grew into the monster it is today. It’s good stuff: Male-oriented content that’s pointedly not sexist. He and his wife run the site together, and it’s one of my favorites.)

Personal branding
Also earlier this month, I spoke with Dan Schawbel from the Personal Branding Blog. We talked about how I wrote Your Money: The Missing Manual, and the ways in which it’s different from other personal finance books. And, of course, we covered a little bit of personal branding. You can read the interview here.

Note: There’s a poll in the sidebar on the blog that asks you if your parents prepped you for money management. I’m actually going to write an article on this, and I’ll cite the poll results. “Vote” if you haven’t already!

Guest posts and reader stories
If you’ve sent me a guest post or a reader story, please be patient. I’m processing them as fast as I can, starting with the oldest articles in the inbox. There’s a fine line to walk here: You folks are anxious to share your stories, but you also get cranky when I share too many guest articles. I’m trying to find a nice balance.

Plus, editing these things takes time! I have 43 e-mails in my “guest post” mailbox, the oldest of which is from December. And I know there are others that I haven’t sorted to this mailbox yet. So please: Give me time. I’ll get to you eventually!

Two twitters
Finally, just a reminder that I’ve split my Twitter life in two. Some folks didn’t want to read my tweets about cats and comic books, so I set up a GRSblog account that features auto updates when a new GRS post goes live. It’s also the place I tweet about anything money-related. Plus, anyone who helps me with the site (staff writers, forum mods, and so on) can tweet from this account.

Of course, some of you do want updates on my daily life. If you’re one of those, you should follow me here.

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