It looks like The Personal Finance Hour, my weekly podcast with Jim from Bargaineering, is on permanent hiatus. Both Jim and I have other work that has consumed our attention over the past few months.

If you’re craving a similar financial podcast — and aren’t opposed to higher quality — check out the Consumerism Commentary podcast. Consumerism Commentary, written by Flexo, is the grand-daddy of personal-finance blogs! The podcast has been running for nearly a year without a break, and the show just keeps getting better and better.

“I wanted to add a podcast to Consumerism Commentary for several years,” Flexo says. “My first attempts involved reading posts on Consumerism Commentary and recording an MP3, like an audio book. This wasn’t the perfect solution, but it did give me some practice dealing with audio.”

Then, in a stroke of luck Flexo learned that Tom Dziubek, a techie at Dow Jones and a co-host the Wall Street Journal podcast, found himself with a lot of extra time on his hands. Tom was excited about the idea of working together, so the pair created a full podcast.

“It took us a few weeks to find our footing while producing weekly shows,” Flexo says, “but we’re approaching the first anniversary of the podcast without skipping a single week!”

Not only is the show consistently on schedule, it also features top-notch disussions. Dziubek does an outstanding job of steering the discussion, while Flexo keeps the conversations grounded in reality.

I was a guest on last week’s episode. I talked about my book, Your Money: The Missing Manual (I got my first printed copy yesterday!), covered a bit of my financial philosophy, and spent a few minutes describing what it’s like to move from blog to book.

Consumerism Commentary Podcast #46
J.D. Roth from Get Rich Slowly

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Listening to this again, I’m reminded of just how stuffed up my nose was the day we did the interview!

Notable past episodes of the Consumerism Commentary podcast include:

  • Episode #40: Author David Bach (of Automatic Millionaire fame) talks about getting back on track with your finances.
  • Episode #36: Columnist Jane Bryant Quinn talks about being financially secure, including dealing with unemployment and foreclosures.
  • Episode #30: Nick Corcodilos talks about using a headhunter to find a job, and how to find a job without one.
  • Episode #27: Our own Adam Baker talks about his war on debt, plus gives tips on frugal traveling.
  • Episode #26: Mark Frauenfelder, founder of Boing Boing (the biggest blog in the world) and editor of Make magazine talks about credit, the DIY movement, and his upcoming book about his DIY experiences. (I’m reading an advance copy of this book right now, and I love it.)
  • Episode #23: Herb Cohen and Teri Gault discuss how to negotiate for items large and small.
  • Episode #8: Greg Grunberg (whom you may have seen on Alias or Heroes) talks about acting, but also about his work on Yowza!!, an iPhone app for saving money.
  • Episode #5: My first appearance on the Consumerism Commentary podcast. I discuss my financial history, including what it took to make the leap from the day job to being a full-time blogger.

Not everyone enjoys podcasts. That’s fine. But if you’re one of those folks who do like to listen to these shows while you work, be sure to check out the Consumerism Commentary podcast. It’s like The Personal Finance Hour used to be, but with much higher quality!

Note: Flexo has another project you might want to check out. He’s founded the Plutus Awards, which are meant to celebrate the best personal-finance blogs and services. I’m honored that Get Rich Slowly has been nominated for a couple of Plutus Awards. If you’ve got a few minutes, go cast your vote for your favorite blogs and services!

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