I don’t know how I’m doing it, but I’m managing to stay one step ahead of the game around here. I haven’t had to resort to a week of guest posts — yet. Instead, I’ve been working like mad to be sure I have interesting articles for you guys, while also doing my bit to promote Your Money: The Missing Manual. (And, of course, I’ve been living Real Life, too: starting to exercise, and continuing to obsess over The Amazing Race with my wife.)

This post is a quick round-up of a couple of recent things I’ve done, as well as a couple of upcoming events.

Recent events
I did a live webcast last week over at the O’Reilly site. (O’Reilly is the book’s publisher.) Although there’s no archive of the event now, I’m under the impression that there should be one in a week or two. Check back later.

Also, last Friday evening I was a guest on Computer America, which is “American’s longest-running nationally syndicated ratio talk show about computers”. Only, I didn’t talk about computers. Instead, Carey Holzman and I discussed personal finance for an hour. You can listen to an archive of the program via mp3. (And, of course, you can right-click that link to download the file.)

Upcoming events
Here are the two major events I’ve already scheduled:

  • I’m joining my pal Chris Guillebeau for a meet-up in Chicago on the evening of Monday, April 5th. Alexandra Levit helped us plan the details: We’ll be gathering at 7pm at Rockit Bar & Grill, which is located across from Wrigley Field. (Man, how I wish the Cubs were playing while I was in town!) I intend to have a few copies of the book, as well as some tasty maple-bacon lollipops to hand out. If you’d like to come hang out with us, RSVP at Chris’ site — and tell him you came from GRS!
  • I’ll be giving a talk at Powell’s Technical Books at 7pm on Thursday, April 15th. (Which also happens to be the fourth anniversary of Get Rich Slowly.) I’d love if you came out and gave me some support. I’m a hesitant public speaker, and if there are some friendly folks in the crowd, that’ll give me more confidence!

There’s a chance I’ll be in Washington D.C. at the end of this month, too. I should know more by the middle of next week.

Video contest update
Man, I’m going on blind faith here. The Get Rich Slowly video contest was a big risk, and so far there just aren’t a whole lot of entries. In fact, there are only five of them. That means if the contest ended today, 60% of the entrants would win $500. It also means that your odds are pretty good if you decide to enter.

The latest entry comes from Josh at WalletPop, who compressed his one-hour presentation for college seniors into just 90 seconds! Take a look:

Remember that if you enter the video contest, you could win $500 — or a signed copy of Your Money: The Missing Manual. All you have to do is make a 2-minute video featuring either a personal-finance tip or your own financial success story and submit it by April 15th.

You can view the current handful contest entries here. For more details, see the announcement post, the contest page, or the official contest rules. And if you have questions, drop me a line!

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