Time is winding down on the Get Rich Slowly video contest. For a while, I was worried that nobody was going to enter. Last week at this time, we only had five entries. The pool is up to 23 videos now, though. And at Monday’s meet-up in Chicago, a couple of folks reminded me that most of the entries will come in at the last minute.

I haven’t watched all of the entries yet, but I love the ones I’ve seen. It takes a lot of guts to make a video like this, and you guys are putting your fears aside and sharing some great stories and tips. For example, here’s Dami’s story about how he saved for an engagement ring:

Note: You can read more from Dami at Green and Gray Matters.

And here’s a video from Elizabeth, who explains how she created a source of “renewable income”:

These are great, and I’m hoping that more of you will consider sharing your money tips and your success stories with the Get Rich Slowly audience. This is very much a community event, and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

Remember that if you enter the video contest, you could win $500 — or a signed copy of Your Money: The Missing Manual. All you have to do is make a 2-minute video featuring either a personal-finance tip or your own financial success story and submit it by April 15th.

You can view the current contest entries here. For more details, see the announcement post, the contest page, or the official contest rules. And if you have questions, drop me a line!

The PR train keeps rolling
Your Money: The Missing Manual continues to hover around the #5000 spot on Amazon. Some days it creeps higher (#964 is as high as it’s gone), and some days it drops lower (it was below #10,000 briefly last night). I have no idea what this means.

Still, I know my publisher would like to sell more books. To that end, this week is my big radio tour. I’ll be a call-in guest on 20+ radio stations around the country for 10-30 minutes at a pop. This is going to chew up a lot of my time this week, so I may be less responsive to e-mail and comments. I’ll do my best, though!

Update: By request, here are the remaining scheduled interviews for the week. (All times Pacific.) I’ve been asked to leave the rest of my schedule open in case other interviews come up.

  • 4/12 9:40am – The Lifestyle Show on Lifestyle Talk Radio (20 min)
  • 4/13 5:50am – Cable Talk on Cable Radio Network (10 min)
  • 4/13 6:30am – The Morning Show on WOCM-FM Ocean City, MD (10min)
  • 4/13 7:10am – Clear Channel Weekend on WFRX-AM Marion/Harrisburg, IL (10 min taped)
  • 4/13 7:20am – The Jim Scott Show on WLW-AM Cincinatti, OH (10 min taped)
  • 4/13 8:30am – KATQ Morning Show for NE Montana and Western ND (10 min)
  • 4/13 9:00am – Art of the Interview national syndicated (15 min taped)
  • 4/13 4:00pm – George Kilpatrick Show on WPHR-FM Syracuse, NY (15 min taped)
  • 4/14 7:00am – Tron in the Morning on KCMN-AM Colorado Springs, CO (10 min)
  • 4/14 9:00am – Real Estate Today on Sirius Satellite Radio (15 min taped)
  • 4/15 6:50am – Chet and Beth on WHAM-AM Rochester, NY (10 min taped)
  • 4/15 8:05am – Ron Ross Show on WJBC-AM Bloomington, IL (15 min)
  • 4/15 9:30am – Steve DeMasco Show on WKBK-AM southern NH (30 min taped)
  • 4/15 10:30am – Stu Taylor Show on Business Talk Radio national syndicated (15 min taped)
  • 4/15 11:00am – Market Wrap KABC-AM Los Angeles, CA (10 min taped)
  • 4/19 7:00am – Tommy Schnurmacher Show CJAD-AM Montreal, QC (30 min)
  • 4/21 2:25pm – The Wall Street Shuffle CNN Radio Dallas (15 min)

Finally, I’ll be giving a talk at Powell’s Technical Books at 7pm on Thursday, April 15th. (Which also happens to be the fourth anniversary of Get Rich Slowly.) I plan to talk for 20 or 30 minutes, and then field questions for another half hour or so. (I do much better with Q&A than I do lecturing folks!) I’d love if you came out and gave me some support. I’m a hesitant public speaker, and if there are some friendly folks in the crowd, that’ll give me more confidence!

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