It’s been a long time since I share links to other sites. That’s a shame, because there’s a lot of great stuff out there. Lately, I’ve been impressed with some articles from some of your fellow GRS readers.

For example, Tim at the Seattle Bubble blog just posted an article on misguided ethics and walking away from a mortgage. We’ve had several discussions around here about the morality of defaulting on a mortgage. There are a lot of GRS readers who think that defaulting is reprehensible. Tim lays out the case in favor of intentional default. “A mortgage is merely a legal contract, not some sort of sacred vow,” he writes. It’s a fascinating article, with 181 fascinating responses.

In February, Erica Douglass shared a controversial guest post with us about outsourcing life when you’re financially secure. She argues that if you can afford it, it’s actually very sensible to pay other people to do things for you. Over at her own site, Erica has just written an article to answer the question, “Is outsourcing worth the effort?” This will be of interest to a very small portion of GRS readers, but I think some of you will find this helpful.

Finally, Trent at The Simple Dollar posted several great articles recently, including:

That’s it for this afternoon, folks! Time to enjoy some of that rare Oregon sunshine…

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