As part of the publicity push for Your Money: The Missing Manual, I’ve been a guest on a couple dozen radio shows around the country. This morning, for example, I spent an hour chatting with Joy Cardin of Wisconsin Public Radio.

I was nervous about these appearances at first — I’m a hesitant public speaker, as I’ve said — but after the first few, I got the hang of it. Now I actually think they’re fun. Plus, I get a kick out of talking with callers, trying to help them with their financial problems.

On the Joy Cardin Show today, the callers were great — full of smart ideas for working with money.

Denise, for example, shared a little money hack that I really like. Whenever she goes shopping, she takes any savings and pays it to herself. For example, if she buys groceries and uses coupons and sale items, she’ll take the “you saved $10.73″ (or whatever the amount is) from the bottom of the receipt, and pay that much from checking to savings.

This is the sort of money hack you can use on everything you purchase. If you’re shopping for a new mattress and manage to save $100 by haggling with the furniture store, you could pay that extra $100 into savings. (And if you combine this with targeted savings accounts, you could choose what you’re going to use this savings toward: your emergency fund, your self-insurance fund, or something fun like travel.)

As I say, I love to hear the little games people play to make themselves get out of debt and save money. I haven’t decided if I’ll do a second book yet, but if I do, a short volume of money hacks sure would be fun, don’t you think?

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