As happens from time-to-time, something has gone off the rails here at GRS. This time, the site’s spamfilter seems to have become over eager, and for the past two days (since about 3am Pacific on the 9th), many legitimate comments have been flagged as spam and routed to the trash.

I’ve gone through by hand and recovered as many of these comments as possible, but there are probably still a few that got buried. If you notice that one of yours is still missing, drop me a line (at jdroth@thisdomain) so that I can try to find it.

And yes, I’m aware that the link to the comments section of each post has gone missing from the front page. Yet another thing to fix. I hope to have everything fixed by morning, at which time this post will vanish, as usual.

Sorry for the mix up. Thanks for your patience.

Oh — one final note. Yesterday I posted about a fellow who is trying to eat well on just a dollar a day. Along with many other real comments, his reply to GRS readers got buried in spam. That’s fixed and you can now read what he has to say. (Highlight: “Don’t try to eat on $1 a day, but do try and think a bit more creatively with your current grocery budget so that you do get the most out of the money you spend.”)

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