Tomorrow is Independence Day in the United States, and that means time with family and friends. I don’t have any financial tips from the Founding Fathers today. Instead, I have a couple of old videos (you know how I love these).

First up is a very short clip shown in movie theaters on July 4th, 1940. Seventy years ago, as war brewed raged in Europe, American audiences got this little patriotic reminder:

And just for kicks, here’s a short film from 1921. An Evening at Home is a silent film that is meant to instill lessons of good citizenship. Here’s how a family is supposed to act:

Remember: The scenes in this film are from just ninety years ago. Ah, those days of yesteryear.

Because there probably won’t be a post tomorrow, this week’s reader story will go up later this afternoon. It’ll give us something to talk about for two quiet days.

Have a terrific (and safe) Independence Day, my friends. (And if you’re outside the United States, enjoy your weekend.)

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