Normally, I wouldn’t post something like this at Get Rich Slowly — this is why I have a personal blog — but I’m getting a lot of tweets and e-mail from folks about a piece of ephemera that has surfaced on the internet. It seems that somebody’s stumbled upon a list of the folks who were in the running for the various parts on Star Trek: The Next Generation. And who was up for the part of Wesley Crusher? Why, J.D. Roth was.

Star Trek: The Next Generation casting

Here’s the thing: I’m not that J.D. Roth. That J.D. Roth is the former host of Fun House, the voice of Jonny Quest, and now the producer of The Biggest Loser. If I were that J.D. Roth, I’d be rich! I wouldn’t have to write about building wealth.

So, I wanted to put the rumors to rest. I was never up for a part on Star Trek: The Next Generation. My acting skills were never that good. (They extended to playing the part of “townsman” in our high-school production of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I got to carry an axe.)

This (non-)story is sort of fun, though, for several reasons.

  • First, I was a huge fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Back before the web even existed, I hung out in BBS rooms and posted episode reviews to USENET.
  • I also had every episode of the show on video and audio tape. (I taped them myself.)
  • Plus, I had elaborate checklists that I filled out when watching each episode.
  • Plus, everyone used to tell me I looked like Jonathan Frakes (who played Commander Riker).
  • Plus, a couple of years ago, I tried to contact the publicist for the entertainment-industry J.D. Roth. I thought it would be hilarious to interview him for the site: “J.D. Roth interviews J.D. Roth!” Nobody answered my e-mail.

So, yes, I would have loved to play Wesley Crusher in the Trek universe, but I was never up for the part. At that time, I was a goofy college freshman. Note to producers: Since Wil Wheaton is so busy blogging now, I’d be happy to play the role of Wesley in any future Star Trek films. Just FYI.

Have a great weekend, everyone!