I’m exhausted, and I’ve barely lifted a finger all weekend.

I spent the long holiday reading. First, I consumed the nearly 1000 pages of Lonesome Dove (which is our book group selection this month). I did nothing on Saturday but read about the adventures of Gus and Call, the blue pigs, and the cowboys. In fact, I stayed up past midnight reading that book; it’s been a l-o-n-g time since I found a book that engaging.

But I also read several personal-finance books over the past few days. I have a huge backlog of unread books, and they’ve begun to take over my office. There’s no room on the shelves anymore, so I’m making stacks on the floor.

The bookshelves at the GRS central office
If you are an author or publisher, this is why I haven’t reviewed your book.

In fact, it’s these piles of personal-finance books that have prompted me to make this week Book Week at Get Rich Slowly. I used to review several books each month, but I’ve only reviewed a handful in 2010. This week, I’ll review some of the books I’ve read recently (though not Lonesome Dove), and the GRS staff writers will each review a book, too.

As part of Book Week, I want to do something about the pile of personal-finance books on the floor of my office. I’m not in the mood to wade through the legalities that go along with a contest, so I’ll probably just make it simple by giving them away. I’ll sort through my extra books over the next couple of days, and later in the week I’ll do some sort of give-away.

The only thing I know for sure: In order for me to consider sending you a book, you must have a previously-published comment on this site. I’m not going to send books to first-time commenters. (Why not? Because these folks are often just swinging by from other sites because they’ve heard they can get something free.) So, if you think you might want a book, be sure to comment on one of the upcoming book reviews or on an article from the archives.

That’s it for now. Tune in tomorrow for reviews of The Art of Non-Conformity and The Simple Dollar.

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