J.D. here with a quick update from my European vacation. Our housesitter reports that everything is fine (and she’s made friends with our cats), while Kris and I are enjoying the best of Italy.

Last Sunday, we landed in Venice, the floating city:

Gondola in Venice

Mid-week we moved to Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance — and home to Galileo’s fingers (or a few of them, anyhow):

Galileo's finger

And now we’ve arrived in Rome.

As those who follow my personal Twitter feed know, the trip has been filled with lots of wine and walking. It’s great! We’ll move into France mid-week, and I’ll try to provide another update from Paris.

I wrote out a bunch of personal-finance observations, but I’m skeptical I’ll actually get to them before I get home in a couple of weeks. Blogging from the iPad is tough, so they’ll have to wait. For now, I’m following everyone’s advice and treating my vacation as a gasp! vacation. Fancy that…

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