In April, Rebecca shared a guest post about how she generates extra income by letting strangers pay her rent. She has homes in Portland, Oregon and New York City. When she’s in one city, she rents out her place in the other. By doing this, she’s able to subsidize her housing payments.

Rebecca’s full of good advice. Soon after sharing her story, she also entered the Get Rich Slowly video contest. In her two-minute video, she offered a series of budget-friendly decorating tips:

How does Rebecca save money while decorating her home?

First, she shops at thrift stores. Thrift stores are loaded with knick-knacks and furniture, and not all of it is junk. In fact, if you’re patient and particular, you can find some great deals.

Next, she scours Craigslist for decorating material. To make things easier, she adds her Craigslist searches to Google reader so that she gets automatic updates on the items she’s interested in.

Finally, Rebecca’s not afraid to make stuff. This is a great way to do some personalized home decorating. If you and/or your friends are artists, or even if you just find something you like on the internet or in a magazine, you have cheap sources of decorating material. (In our old house, I hung dozens of comic books on the wall of one room as my contribution to the decorating scheme. Kris just shook her head, but I loved it!)

What sorts of things do you do to decorate your home on the cheap?

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