On April’s post this morning, Shannon left a comment: “Does JD even write on this blog anymore?” Of course I still write here! I was on vacation for most of October, but since returning on October 25th, I’ve written thirteen of the twenty posts that have appeared at GRS, and have done tons of behind-the-scenes work. When I’m not on vacation, I’m the primary author at Get Rich Slowly, and I’m the editor of the site.

But, as I’ve mentioned before, GRS is now a multi-author blog, not a single-author blog. I know this is a change, but I don’t think it’s a bad one. Trust me: Nobody wants to read a financial blog just written by me at the moment. I’m not at an interesting place on my money journey. Having other authors brings in more viewpoints and helps to keep the content fresh.

In fact, it looks like MSN’s Donna Freedman will be joining GRS as a regular contributor starting in December. She’s written several guest posts for GRS, and is a vocal advocate for frugality. I’m excited to have her on board.

Now, however, it’s time for our weekly look at great PF articles from other sites around the web!

Note: For the past few years, I’ve called this the “Daily Links”, but my links roundups haven’t been daily for a long, long time. So, I’m going to start calling this feature by its original name: Spare Change.

To start out this edition of Spare Change, let’s look at one of my favorite Donna Freedman articles. At MSN, she recently wrote about making extra money online. There are a lot of con artists out there trying to sell sure-fire methods to make big bucks on the internet. Donna’s article surveys real things people have done (including, no joke, selling rat skulls). (If you want to see more of Donna’s style, check out her blog, Surviving and Thriving.)

If I had to choose another staff writer for GRS, it might be Pop from Pop Economics. Pop consistently produces thoughtful posts about personal finance, particularly investing. For example, he recently asked, “Is America just not a good investment anymore?” His article explores the problems finding U.S. stocks and bonds to invest in, and discusses possible alternatives. I love his final bit of advice: “Bumping up your savings rate — say, from 10% to 20% or 30% — is the only sure thing in investing.”

Liz Ryan at Kiplinger’s has some good pointers on how to stand out when applying for jobs online. I’ve talked with several people lately who have submitted online job applications, and they find the process puzzling. Ryan’s advice may be just what my friends need.

Finally, Clever Dude has a nice little piece describing why his college degree was worth the price: “Don’t let the naysayers tell you that college isn’t worth it. It all depends on where you go, what you major in, how much you spend and then what you do with that momentum you’ve built through your college years.” I love this article!

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