In July, I asked Get Rich Slowly readers to share which credit cards they use and why. I promised to compile the over 200 responses to see if there are any patterns from you money-savvy folks. I still haven’t made time to do so. (Even though it stays at the top of my list every week.)

In the interim, the folks over at Card Ratings dropped a line to say they’re doing something similar. This year, they’re conducting a five-question survey to determine what consumers believe are the best credit cards of 2010:

You hear people complaining about credit cards all the time. But with more than a billion credit cards issued around the world, there must be something consumers like about them. We at CardRatings want to know which cards you like for cash-back, airline rewards, points rewards, best value and best customer service. Take this quick survey and we’ll share the results in January with the Consumer’s Choice Awards for Best Credit Cards of 2010. Don’t miss your chance to cast your vote!

I only use one personal credit card, so I can’t really say which one is best. But if you have a strong opinion on this subject, please head over and let your voice be heard. Card Ratings will publish the results of the survey in January. Maybe by the time they do, I’ll have compiled the results from our discussion here at GRS!

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