It took a while, but I’m running low on reader stories, reader questions, and guest posts. It’s time to ask for more. Reader-generated content keeps Get Rich Slowly interesting. We’ve been doing “Ask the Readers” for almost five years, and we’re just finishing the first year of “Reader Stories“. Both are key parts to this site.

If you would like to share your story, or if you’d like to ask a question, take a look at the Get Rich Slowly guest submission guidelines. Reading through these before you write will save everyone headaches in the long run.

Note: Where should you send submissions? Use “contact” at either this domain.

Though it’s not a requirement, it’d be helpful if you flagged your submission by adding the following to the subject line:

  • If you’re sending a reader question, add “ASK:” to the front. For example, your subject might be: “ASK: How Much Should I Spend to Keep My Pet Turtle Alive?”
  • If you’re sending a reader story, add “STORY:” to the front. For example, your subject might be: “STORY: Why I Spent $3,000 in Vet Bills on My Pet Turtle”.
  • If you’re sending a guest post, add “GUEST:” to the front. For example, your subject might be: “GUEST: How to Save Money on Your Pet Turtle”.

Again, these subjects aren’t a requirement. They’ll just make my life easier.

Finally, if you’ve sent a question, reader story, or guest post in the past, and I haven’t replied, you’re welcome to re-send it. I apologize for not getting back to you. I’m notoriously poor at replying in the first place. And I recently archived all of my e-mail by accident, which is as good as burying it in a haystack. (All of the old e-mails are still there, but they’re mixed in with everything else.)

I had lunch with Charlie Gilkey from Productive Flourishing yesterday, and he gave me some pointers on how to handle e-mail. (Top tip: Keep replies short but meaningful instead of writing book-length answers.) My goal this go-round is to promptly acknowledge each submission. Time will tell if that’s too ambitious. So, please: Send me your stories and questions. I look forward to reading them, and to sharing the best with your fellow GRS readers.

Note: It’s okay to mention your site or project in your post, but don’t make it the focus. Experience has shown that readers get cranky when guest authors are all about self-promotion.

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