Greetings from Zimbabwe. Kris and I are ensconced at the Victoria Falls Hotel, a gorgeous and ridiculously colonial lodge located minutes from the edge of the largest waterfall in the world. (This place feels like something out of a James Bond movie.)

Victoria Falls
A small section of Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world.
It’s more than a mile wide and 300 feet tall!

Victoria Falls
Also Victoria Falls, just a few hundred meters from the first shot. It’s very, very wet.

We’ve spent two days in Johannesburg, South Africa; two days in Kasane, Botswana; and a morning in a Namibian village. We have three days scheduled in Victoria Falls, and then we’ll move back to South Africa for the rest of our trip. So far, the people, the scenery, and the wildlife have been amazing.

Go, Kaizer Chiefs! Great White Egret Old Patriarch

A few bits of housekeeping:

  • I have limited internet access while I’m in southern Africa. (Plus, I’m not really trying.) That means it’s tough for me to reply to comments and e-mail. I apologize.
  • While I’m away, there are two posts each Monday through Thursday, with one post each day from Friday through Sunday. As usual when I’m on vacation, there are more guest posts than normal. If you don’t like a particular guest post (and there are a couple that people may not like), please be patient. Within a few hours, you’ll have something new to read.
  • Finally, I want to note that I did a guest post for CNN Money last week (you’ll probably recognize the story), and the comments were…well, less civil than the conversation at Get Rich Slowly. Thanks for the continued higher level of discourse here. Others appreciate it, and so do I.

Coming this week at GRS: Two posts about tax deductions, an 11-year-old’s first budget, a post from me about compulsive spending, and my review of a graphic novel about personal finance! I should have an internet connection for the next couple of days, so I may join a conversation or two. Or I may be exploring Zimbabwe. Which do you think I’ll choose?

Namibian Skies Summer Squall on the Chobe River African Sunset
Africa’s ever-changing sky — just a few hours apart in Namibia

The real question is: Will Kris and I celebrate Valentine’s Day by bungee jumping from the bridge over the Zambezi River? (The bridge separates Zimbabwe from Zambia.) Or is ziplining across the canyon more romantic?

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