Last week, I wrote about the dismal odds you face when trying to play the lottery. That article included a lottery simulator built by the GRS technical elves, a widget inspired by the lottery simulator over at Cockeyed.

I’ve mentioned Cockeyed several times over the years. It’s awesome. Cockeyed is the home of Rob Cockerham and his crazy projects and pranks. It’s the sort of site you can spend hours exploring — and still go back for more.

Since Rob was a good sport for letting us borrow his lottery simulator idea, I decided to dedicate this edition of Spare Change exclusively to his site. That’s easy to do, too, because over the years, he’s produced plenty of personal-finance related material — and a lot of it’s funny!

For instance, Cockeyed has an ongoing series of “How Much is Inside?” reports, in which Rob tries to figure out how much air is inside Cheetos and how many feet of celery stalk can you fill with one jar of peanut butter. Some of these involve money:

Or maybe you’d care to browse Cockeyed’s library of how-to guides. Some of these are goofy, but some are actually useful. Here are some examples:

Rob’s actually pretty handy. He seems to do a lot of his own home repairs, but he also likes to make stuff — especially costumes. (As a comic nerd, I’m particularly fond of his Dr. Octopus costume. )

I know that’s a lot of links already, but I’ve saved the best for last. Here are my favorite money-related stories from over the years at Cockeyed:

Last of all, here’s a recent winner. Rob won $1,000 in a costume contest — only he didn’t win $1,000 in cash. He won $1,000 in slot play at a local casino. So, he decided to make a project out of it. He documented how he played $1,000 on a slot machine — and how he managed to turn that into $1,534.

That should be enough Cockeyed for anyone. If you’re like me, you’ll be obsessed with reading Rob’s site now and won’t be able to get anything done. Sorry if I spoiled anybody’s work day…

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