April was a fun month for me. Though I had intended to write about financial literacy, I actually spent my time exploring other topics. I’ve been thinking a lot about the philosophical aspects of personal finance lately, for instance. I wrote about this a bit during April, and have some similar post planned for May. Plus, I’m actually trying to learn more about investing, so I’ve been able to share my progress as I try to figure out where my money should be.

Meanwhile, I soft-launched a new blog (Awesome People), continued to help organize the World Domination Summit, exercised almost daily, and worked on other behind-the-scenes projects. Now that the Portland forecast actually contains some sun, I look forward to spending some time outside, both doing yardwork and walking (and biking) for errands.

April was odd in that there were a bunch of multi-part articles at Get Rich Slowly. We don’t usually do that. Here are some of the best stories from the past month:

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