It’s been a long, dark week for me. My mother is now safely ensconced in the “memory care” unit at a managed-care facility, but she’s confused and scared. The staff says this is normal, and that she’ll adjust with time. I hope so. I want to turn my attention to something more positive. Normally on Fridays, I share a reader question, but I haven’t had time to sort through to find a good one. Instead, I’m going to do a rare reader poll.

Today, I want to hear about your latest financial success. What have you done right in the past few months? Have you paid off your debt? Met a financial goal? Opened a savings account? Opened a retirement account? Learned how to use coupons effectively? Had a will drawn up? Make me feel good. Share a financial triumph in the comments below. And, if possible, tell us how you achieved this.

My recent success story? That’s easy. I’ve continued to cut on the unimportant stuff while also looking for ways to make more money. As a result, I have enough to experiment with extended travel. There are certainly some question marks surrounding my upcoming trip(s), but money’s not one of them. And that makes me happy.

Your turn! Tell us what you’re doing right in your financial life.

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