Over the last few months, a lot of new folks have stopped by Get Rich Slowly. Many have stuck around to become regular readers. Thank you. With the influx of traffic, though, the tone of our discussions has become a little less civil. This isn’t so good. It’s time for a quick review of the GRS comment policy.

Remember, the other folks here are real people, a lot like you

There are certain things I don’t allow at Get Rich Slowly. You can criticize me, the staff writers, and the guest posters all you want, but I’m not going to let you do it in a nasty manner, and I’m not going to let you spread misinformation and hysteria. If you leave a comment and it doesn’t appear, it’s not because I’m trying to squelch your opinion. Either the comment is stuck in the spam filter (in which case I’ll rescue it soon), or you’ve crossed the line from constructive criticism to personal attack (or financial falsehoods).

Furthermore, rude comments on reader stories will not be tolerated; I delete them out of hand, and I feel no remorse for doing so.

How do you tell the difference? Here are a couple of examples. This comment is critical, but it’s constructive. It’s perfectly fine:

This is a really poor story to post on Get Rich Slowly. There are so many financial holes, things apparently left out, and personal justifications and excuses by the writer that I can’t take a single thing from this to apply to my life.

Or this comment from earlier today:

I have only been reading this website for a few months but these are the types of posts I enjoy the least. You ask readers not to write to a narrow audience and yet you do so today — to readers wanting to write free material for a blog you make your living off of. This could be a link off the top but should not be a post IMHO. Niche garden post followed by dont waste my time post — slow weekend on GRS.

These commenters aren’t being emotional, and they’re not attacking anyone. They’re stating their arguments and providing constructive feedback. This is a Good Thing, and demonstrates that even people who disagree can have a polite discussion.

This comment, on the other hand, is way out of line, and will never see the light of day at Get Rich Slowly (well, except as an example of what not to do):

He’s probably better off without this callous bitch. Too bad she has children.

Or this:

Dear Laura, You are an idiot. [...] Perhaps you should do a little fact checking before calling yourself an “expert”.

Thankfully, Get Rich Slowly doesn’t get many comments like these. You folks are great, and you too seem to like sane, constructive conversations. But sometimes after periods of growth — such as the blog is experiencing right now — new readers arrive who are used to more combative discussions on other corners of the internet. That’s not how things work around here.

Here at Get Rich Slowly, my goal is to foster smart and civil conversations about money — even when we disagree with each other. If that sounds good to you, then please hang around. If this bothers you, then maybe we’re not a good fit. There are other sites you can read if you want to get into arguments or to leave nasty comments.

Note: I also frown on spammy comments. What’s a spammy comment? Anything that’s meant primarily to promote your blog, website, or service. It’s okay to link to your site from time to time (especially if you’re an established part of the GRS community), but do it in a natural way, and don’t do it with every comment. And please do not use a signature that links to your site from the bottom of every comment. I delete these whenever I see them. You can link to your site through the URL field of the comment form.

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