It’s been a l-o-n-g time since I shared fun finance videos on a Saturday morning. And I’m way behind on highlighting some of my favorite videos from this year’s Get Rich Slowly video contest. Today I’m going to kill two birds with one stone.

Back in May, Kevin McKee won the “personal finance tips” category of our video contest with this video, in which he raps about how to save money on cable television:

Digging around Kevin’s website, I learned that he’s begun to make a series of music videos about money. I’m actually quite impressed with his “Haven’t Made a Budget“. I like this song (and video) a lot:

One of the things I admire about what Kevin is how he’s willing to put himself out there. Well, that and he’s genuinely funny. Here’s a third music video from him: “For When I Retire” (a parody of “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars)

You can find other (non-musical) videos from Kevin on his YouTube channel. (He tells me he has more music videos in the works.)

When he’s not making funny videos or commenting here at Get Rich Slowly, Kevin keeps his own blog called Thousandaire. I e-mailed Kevin recently and told him I wanted to feature his site at GRS. “I don’t usually promote other financial blogs like this,” I wrote, “but I think it’d be good to highlight some of my colleagues who are doing fun and interesting work.”

I asked Kevin to create a pitch to tell us about his site. Here’s what he wrote:

The internet is full of great financial information. The problem is that most young people, who desperately need financial information, aren’t looking for it. Instead they’re watching videos on Youtube and reading about their favorite athletes and entertainers.

“If only there was a place,” I thought, “where people could watch videos and be entertained while also learning about personal finance.” I looked for that place and didn’t find it, so I decided to create it.

I started Thousandaire about a year ago with the idea that I could connect with young people. To make personal finance accessible, I’ve created personal finance music videos and tailored my blog posts to make sure they are interesting to young adults. My goal is to bridge the gap between entertainment and financial education so I can help young people create good financial habits. I hope this will enable them to spend their twenties building a positive net worth instead of burying themselves under a massive amount of debt!

Kevin’s blog posts range from from the playful (Work out or pay for dinner) to the practical (How to interview when you lack experience), and he’s often more overtly political than we are around here. I don’t agree with him on everything, but then nobody agrees with me on everything either. Right? (Check out Kevin’s about page at Thousandaire to learn more about him and his philosophy.)

Here’s the thing, though: Kevin’s blog is entertaining. At times, it’s hilarious. I can forgive a few philosophical differences for a guy who makes me smile (or even laugh!) when writing about personal finance.

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