Earlier this year, I helped put together the World Domination Summit, a conference of writers, travelers, entrepreneurs, and other folks who want to change the world, both for themselves and others. Though I hadn’t anticipated it, this one weekend in June changed my life. I heard amazing speakers, absorbed incredible ideas, and, most of all, met many remarkable people. This video summary of WDS 2011 only scratches the surface.

The planning team is now hard at work on World Domination Summit 2012. We’ve already selected the venue, lined up a few speakers, and are planning some fun surprises. Our goal is to make next year’s conference even better. Registration for World Domination Summit 2012 opens this Thursday. Many GRS readers wanted to attend this year but weren’t able to get tickets. The conference is doubling in size for next year, but there are still fewer than 1000 tickets available. If you want one, don’t hesitate.

Speaking of the World Domination Summit, let’s look at what some of the participants are doing.

First up, WDS speaker Michael Bungay Stanier, author of the awesome Do More Great Work, has gathered essays from 62 prominent business writers for his latest project. Contributors include Kevin Kelly, Pam Slim, Sir Ken Robinson, Derek Sivers, Barry Schwartz, Jonah Lehrer, Steven Johnson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Peters, Seth Godin, Dave Ramsey, Dan Pink, Keith Ferrazi, and many more. Aside from the awesome lineup of authors, this book is special because $20 from the purchase of every copy will be given to Malaria No More. Interested? The book, End Malaria, is available today.

To learn more about End Malaria, watch this one-minute video.

Elsewhere, WDS volunteer Colleen Wainwright is in the midst of her own project. For her 50th birthday, Wainwright (better known as the Communicatrix) is raising $50,000 (plus!) to support WriteGirl, a nonprofit devoted to helping high-school girls learn “the craft of writing and empowerment through self-expression”. Wainwright is nearing the end of her project, and has already surpassed her goal, but that doesn’t mean more money isn’t needed. For more info, watch this two-minute video.

Finally, WDS attendee Greg Berg was inspired by the conference to start his own show on BlogTalkRadio. Radio Enso is a weekly live podcast featuring interviews about conscious living and self-improvement. Because it’s a podcast, you can access the archives at anytime. Past participants include travel blogger Jodi Ettenberg, business coach Pam Slim, and the afore-mentioned Michael Bungay Stanier. And, a couple of weeks ago, I was a guest on Radio Enso. My conversation with Greg Berg covered personal finance, travel, and more. I think it’s one of the best interviews I’ve given. But it won’t help prevent malaria or teach girls to write, I’m afraid.

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