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Are you reading this while standing in line at your local big box store? Or are you celebrating Buy Nothing Day and hunkering down for a relaxing day of leftovers and football?

Either way, you might be interested in a few facts about this day, the day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. that we call Black Friday. Here’s Black Friday by the numbers:

Who’s shopping

  • Number of Black Friday shoppers in 2010: 212 million
  • State that spends the most: Texas
  • Next biggest spenders: Connecticut, Hawaii, and California
  • City that spends the most: Austin, Texas
  • Runners up: Scottsdale, Arizona and San Jose, California
How early shoppers are lining up
  • Typical opening hours in 2010: 3 a.m. to 5 a.m.
  • Store opening the earliest in 2011: Toys R Us, at 9 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day
  • Percentage who think stores should be closed on Thanksgiving Day: 87%
  • Consumers who believe retailers should give employees the day off for Thanksgiving: 61%
  • Percentage who would rather do anything but shop: 26%
  • Number of deaths related to Black Friday chaos and crowds: 1

How much people are spending

  • Amount the average American spent in 2010: $365.34
  • Projected amount to be spent today: $465.6 billion
  • Total amount spent in 2010: $45 billion
  • Gender that spends the most: Men, on average 3% more than women
  • Age group that spends the most: 50- to 65-year-olds

How many are going mobile

  • Total amount in online sales: $648 million
  • Number who will shop on their smartphone: 60 million
  • Number who will purchase directly from a mobile device: 21 million

What people are buying

  • Most popular purchases: Jewelry (purchased by 14.3% in 2010), electronics, toys, books, and gift cards
  • Holiday spending per person in 2010: $718 on holiday items, including $411 on gifts for family and $75 on gifts for friends
  • Percentage of consumers who believe retailers offer the best deals on Black Friday: 58%

All of us here at Get Rich Slowly are still in food comas from our Thanksgiving dinners. We’ll be back with more great money tips on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

Sources: San Francisco Chronicle; National Retail Federation, Poughkeepsie Journal, PriceGrabber, CNN

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